Shropshire Museums
Shropshire Museums Resource Centre in Ludlow
Facebook page for Shropshire Museums Resource Centre in Ludlow
Ludlow Town Museum in the Buttercross
Home page for the Shropshire Museums service
Resource Centre in Ludlow page on West Midlands natural science collections web site
The Ironbridge Gorge museums
The Severn Valley Railway
Cosford RAF museum

Other Museums with collections of relevance to Ludlow
Lapworth Museum, Birmingham
Natural History Museum, London
National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, Cambridge

Other sites with information of relevance to Ludlow
British Geological Survey, Keyworth
GB3D Type Fossils Online
Ludlow Civic Society
Ludlow Historical Research Group
Shropshire Geological Society
Introducing Shropshire's rocks, minerals and fossils
Discovering Shropshire's History
Darwin Country (an educational resource for Shropshire)
University Centre Shrewsbury (with courses on museum curation and history of science)